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Diverse Learning Environments



Language and Literacy – We introduce our infants to new language everyday to develop them from nonverbal to verbal. Our prime focus in introducing language to our little ones is by using all domains of vocalics. 


Cognitive Development – Everyday our teachers create a series of cognitive activities that allows our infants to begin thinking critically and creatively to help understand the world around them.  


Gross Motor and Movement – While moving to the beat of the music our infants are guided by our teachers in activities that increase their mobility development. We create fun and exciting physical activities while maintaining awareness of our infant’s health and safety. 

Fine Motor Development – Our infants are assisted by teachers to strengthen their physical abilities. They receive encouragement and positive guidance every step of the way in their developmental stages. 


Cognitive Development – Our toddler teachers are dedicated to helping our little ones identify the world around them by creating activities that include sorting objects by color, shape and size with prompts. Activities include but not limited to, learning about size and volume by filling buckets of sand and water at the sensory table. 


Language & Literacy – We transition your toddler from nonverbal to verbal by modeling conversations, helping them identify familiar people and objects by name. We also introduce basic sign language skills in our toddler classroom. 

Social & Emotional Development – We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment that promotes our toddlers to explore their emotions in a healthy manner. Your toddler will participate in activities that fosters them to identify their feelings and gain interpersonal skills. 


Gross and Fine Motor skills – We consider our toddlers as busy bees of our childcare facility. Our teachers will guide your toddler in mind stimulating movement activities that allows them to use all their energy in a positive way. We also guide them in activities that helps strengthen their coordination skills. 



Language Arts and Literacy – B.E.T. is committed to engaging our children with books, poems, songs and stories that encourage their connection between letters, words and sentences. 


STEM – We introduce STEM to our preschoolers in a way that inspires innovation, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In using STEM, our children build the skills necessary to navigate the world around them. This allows them to make connections between diverse skills and concepts which is proven to be the most effective way children learn. 

Music and Movement – Through music and movement activities our children learn social skills and learn to work as a team. Children also learn coordination skills during our music and movement activities.  

Social and Emotional – We create social and emotional activities that help children gain excellent interpersonal skills along with conflict resolution skills. We reassure our children to fully express themselves which in return helps the coping of their feelings. We also introduce goal setting in all our social and emotional activities. 

Gross and Fine Motor – We provide our preschoolers with 120 minutes of active play per day. All activities are filled with fun to produce ways to build muscle control, with indoor activities designed to increase fine motor development and outdoor activities focused on movement and balance. 

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