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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Our philosophy is that children learn best through hands on experience and play. We exercise throughout our facility Vygotskian theory of play-based learning which promotes cognitive, social and emotional development for children. 

Core Values

Be Responsive: Our commitment is to our children, faculty and parents. Being readily available is always our goal and mission. 

Be Respectful: Creating a positive teaching and learning environment for our children and faculty is what makes us unique as a facility. 

Educating our children: Our faculty is dedicated and committed to seeing our children reach their highest potential. We create an environment that fosters social/emotional development, language and literacy skills while continuing the cognitive development of all our children in our care. 

Sound Business Decisions: Our CEO trains our management staff to be strategic in all areas of our business. This practice continues to provide profitability and success to our facility.  He is committed to providing an exceptional facility for children to learn and faculty to work. 


Health & Safety

During these unprecedented times, we are committed to meeting the needs of the community we serve.  Distance learning, program availability, and a safe environment. 


B.E.T has a designated Health & Safety Manager, who oversees our enhanced protocols. We are constantly reviewing and updating these procedures to align ourselves with the best possible practices.

    •         Temperature checks throughout the day

    •         Adults are required to wear masks

    •         Ongoing disinfecting and cleaning

    •         Use of large outdoor spaces for classes


We realize each district and each school have a unique and different plan for the fall. We are prepared to meet these needs. Our schools and teachers will be supporting distance learning.

  •         Available WIFI network for devices

  •         Drop off as early as 5:30am and pickup as late as 5:30pm

  •         Open for Summer, Fall and Winter breaks


Many public school districts have eliminated or greatly reduced their programs for the fall. In response to this, we have created more availability to support the needs of our communities.

  •         Full day Kindergarten and Before-and-After school programs

  •         Daytime options for School-Age students


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